Grivory gv 5h datasheet 2n3904

Datasheet grivory

Grivory gv 5h datasheet 2n3904

Database of all EMS- GRIVORY products. Grivory GV- 5H 2n3904 black 9915 is used for injection 2n3904 molding technical parts, exhibiting exceptional characteristics even after moisture absorption. Technical Datasheets data tables gv comparisons. It is particularly suitable approved for parts in house- hold appliances in contact with gv food cold drinking. This datasheet of Grivory GV- 5H 2n3904 from grivory EMS- GRIVORY | a 5h unit of EMS- CHEMIE AG is provided by the international plastics database CAMPUS. Grivory® GVX- 5H Natural by grivory EMS 5h is a water- insoluble, nearly odorless engineering thermoplastic material based on a combination of semicrystalline polyamide with partially aromatic copolyamide reinforced with 5h 50% gv long glass fibers.
Grivory GV- 5H is a specially heat stabilized 2n3904 material. Grivory gv 5h datasheet 2n3904. MSDS Page 2 of 2 This 5h Material Safety Data datasheet Sheet gv grivory ( MSDS) datasheet grivory is presented in good faith, based on currently datasheet available information, GRIVORY GV- 5H Black, is accurate to the best of our knowledge.

Grivory datasheet

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET GRIVORY GV- 6H NATURAL Product description Grivory GV- 6H natural is a 60% glass- fibre reinforced engineering thermoplastic mate- rial based on a combination ofsemi-. Filter holder for espresso machine Grivory GV- 5H Fruit- juice press, sieve holder Grivory GV- 4H Gas cigarette lighter filling valve Grivory GV- 5H Gear cover for elec. bed adjuster Grivory GV- 5H Nail file Grivory GV- 6H Shelf support, wall fastening Grivory GV- 5H Toothbrush handle Grivory GTR 45 Valve body for air humidifier Grivory GV- 5H. 5 Grade Grivory Characteristics and properties Processing / application segment GVS- 5H GVS- 6H G4V- 5H G4V- 6H GV5H EF GV- 6H EF Injection moulding grades with 50 or 60% by weight glass fibre.

grivory gv 5h datasheet 2n3904

Grivory GV- 5H natural is a thermoplastic material. Hence, incomplete mouldings as well as sprues and runners can be reprocessed.